Jumaat, 8 Jun 2012

only Allah knows

Khamis, 7 Jun 2012

KL international music and light :)

Today i would like to share my experience last night.
Yes, of course it is related to what is entitled up there..
Before this, I had watched the festival on the u tube , if I'm not mistaken it is about 3 years ago but I dun remember where the event had been held.
so last night, it was quite interesting.BOLEHLAA . I only waited for the laser not the music. To me, the mix of west and east music seemed BOLEHLAA. But it was too long and I got tired then.

So, the the last night event still overwhelmed me. whaha . I got some video but I think I need to edit before posting it since there were 'suara suara sumbang memeriahkan video'

Okay la
the day after tomorrow, I will return to my beloved hostel and this is the last SEM
I hope that I can spend my valuable precious time with my friends.InsyaAllah

and we postpone with tasbih kafarah and surah al-asr

Isnin, 4 Jun 2012

Feed to sleep!

did u know, the biggest thing that I hope right now is, oh please let nobody read my blog :D
weaha kerja gila
Okay, I have nothing to do with this post but urm..I keep thinking why ek when I got my breakfast i will get sleepy
Is mitochondria in my cell body generated too much energy which is specialize to sleep? or is it glucagon that too hyperactive converting themself to be glucose and glucose blahblahblah i dont get enough oxygen and feel sleepy.arghhhh

 WHATEVERR.hey THIS remind me to Ustaz Azizul when Kongres Pendakwah Muda 2012 in TGB , he said, it is better if every of u,  dai'e(pendakwah) have a blog , and spread dakwah all over the world using the blog.lebih kurang bergini lah beliau berkata2.

Ceet. teringat pulak kat BADAR TGB 11/12 , yes this is the last SEM kita meneraju takhta and after this bebudak form 4 pulak. Ohmyyy it made me feel so sad. XNAK BERPISAH DENGAN BADAR. aahah. I also would like to hadiahkan lagu Maher Zain One Big Family because it seems related to us, wahai BDR tersayang.

Ok thats all. asifah for all my mistakes. assalamualaikum

Ahad, 3 Jun 2012

It's a brand new daaayyyy

I like to put a smile on ur face everydayyy
last two days, if I'm not mistaken, I had deactivated+deleted my 2 myspace accounts and also  fb accounts..
yeah rentetan daripada peristiwa tersebut, I seized my group FB acc nyeahahaha.XMO3 punya. sorry guys, tengok mcm x active..gua mengactivekanlah..
Okay, seriously, now I'm so menggigil thinking about SPM which is just around the corner

Despite of that, During this month, 19th ,I will pursue with an interview about xchnge stdnt but it seems not so easy, but I will try my best, peluang dah ada, apa salahnya try kan?

Then, for the next month, I will involved for Olimpiad Math Kebangsaan xpasti kat mana. Please pray for me :) .Actually ,I'm not so excited about this because I don't think that this is my realm of expertise, yes during the olimpiad math camp I'm so sleepy not because lack of sleep but I didn't interested at all as it is so high level for me lahhh

The next venue will be the Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan. As for now, I really2 did not prepare at all. Yeah this is so competitive yet I know i can do it.Just do it la bebeh.

And also, mock interview ohmyy. Students keep talking about this, what clothes we should put on blahblah resume. ahhh. For me , it is simple .pakai jelah baju kurung. -_-" ahakz time ni boleh lah cakap simple bla3, tengok tahun lepas, what a hectic moment, macam lagi dasyat drpd nk SPM .

I would like to story about my last examination which held at Dewan Bendahara. yeah I sat in between boys but there were girls, behind and in front of me. This is the first time jadual exam x pack.If not,every evening will be occupied with exam and how I hate it as I will feel sleepy lah petang2. And also, yesterday, I had taken a snap preview about SPM exam timetable and OKLAH tapi petang2 pon occupied but surely INSYAALLAH x ngantuk sebab this is the real war of this year.

Exam iutk ke akhirat. OMG i Forgot about something/
Chow dulu

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