Ahad, 30 Mac 2014


 lama sangat x update. saja..


just my random rant. The topic is 'blessing of love'
 everyone must have the feeling of love towards somebody else,  parents, siblings and also the one who will become companion.

I am also having it now, but actually I'm trying to keep myself away from melayan perasaan toward people that we dont know their true feeling is.
 however, there is one special person who loved us so much and will even even more love if we have the same feeling towards him although never meet.  He is Rasulullah s.a.w.

and also,dear you.

I have never talk to you,  maybe. And umphh I hope u pray for me,  for my journey and success.

and also, if u are the one who Allah have served for me,I hope u too, is preparing to be a good father, never give up in  improving yourself so that after all we will be able to completing each other deen, 
 I pray that you hold my hands to the jannah because I am not so tough but also dont be worry, inshaaAllah, as Im alone He will guide me.

 no, dont feel that this is annoying coz actually this is the most weirdest post I have ever made.

and also, hehe

please dont be too cheap to say the love words towards someone that u are not sure will be marry with. to me too. im not need it. all i need is ur doa.

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